BS Accounting and Finance

Program Overview:

“BS Accounting and Finance” BS Accounting and Finance blends together accounting and finance in business association. This program intends to create great graduates who are both basic and inventive. It would additionally mean to deliver high specialized aptitudes and in addition all around created and cleaned basic leadership and critical thinking abilities. The program will be organized around four center ranges of Accounting, Finance, Business and Economics.

Accounting: Financial and administration bookkeeping will be studies from a neighborhood and additionally worldwide point of view. Courses like tax assessment and reviewing will likewise be offered to give the graduates an understanding into the bookkeeping hones.

Finance: A through comprehension of standards of corporate back, budgetary foundations and speculation will be given so that the understudy can adjust to the perpetually developing money related markets.

Business and Economics: An entire comprehension of the standards of business will be created by concentrate such subjects as promoting, administration, correspondences and data innovation.

Right now the Accountancy and Finance industry is encountering a serious lack of specialists and prepared workforce, which is bringing about deficiency of qualified personals in both Accountancy and Finance in Pakistan and the world on the loose. This program would shape the reason for joint effort and support by firmly working with the accreditation bodies. The division is attempting to take exclusions from ACCA, ICMA and CIMA for the graduating understudies of this program, by which the understudies will just need to show up in couple of modules to get another accreditation. Another advantage of this program would be the procurement of a college degree and in addition the affirmation frame presumed body.

Program Objective:

The BS (Accounting and Finance) program is gone for giving understudies a strong establishment in accounting and finance, balanced with the immeasurably imperative relational, computer, and business relational abilities basic for accomplishment in today’s business condition. The degree will give understudies a comprehension of the legitimate and administrative condition that business associations and accounting experts must work inside. They will have the capacity to recognize and assess moral situations and give intelligent approaches to determine them. They will take in the ideas and procedures expected to secure, approve and bear witness to the uprightness and unwavering quality of money related data.


By studying financial institutions, markets, and business fund, understudies will find out about the parts of the financial system related framework and how it impacts upon financial decisions in an association. Understudies will concentrate the financial system, institutions, and financial instruments, which are included with the exchange of assets between people, organizations and governments. This incorporates basic short-run choices, for example, money administration and credit approach, which influence the survival of the association. Long haul choices incorporate interest in plant and gear, raising money, and mergers and takeovers, all of which decide the wealth of the owners.

An essential goal of this degree is to create educated and proficient administrators to move rapidly to key positions in the money financial/accounting administrations division and to show the aptitudes important to handle issues inside the complex world of worldwide international finance and accountancy. Additionally it is to get ready and execute discoveries coordinated at the assessment of corporate, market, venture and hazard administration circumstances. Following are the key objectives

  • An efficient understanding of information in accounting and finance and arrangement of interface between the learning and practice.
  • A basic familiarity with current issues and new insights of knowledge in Accountancy and finance.
  • A comprehensive practical understanding of the systems of enquiry and research utilized as a part of the area, and of how they are utilized to make and translate information.

This program sets them up to continue onwards to a more focused on certification program in Accounting and Finance alongside other program of business organization and management sciences.

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